DIY seed envelopes with spinach, marigold, and zinnia seeds

DIY Seed Packet Template: FREE Printable To Make Your Own Seed Envelopes

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I love a good DIY project, especially a garden related one. I also love being generous with my own garden. 

Every year, I try to save more of my own seeds, both for food security and to give away or share with family and friends. The extra seeds I save usually end up in a paper bags, but I wanted something prettier for seeds I give away. 

I decided to create some DIY seed packets, and of course I had to share the template! Because who wouldn’t love free printable seed packets for a fun gardening DIY?

The beauty of this template is that it leaves the seed packet design completely up to you! Create the seed envelopes from scrapbook paper, craft paper, or even sturdy gift wrap.

diy seed packet made from blue scrapbook paper with pink roses, and labeled as marigold seeds

Below you will find the tutorial for creating your own seed packets. The printable seed packet template is available for my email subscribers. I’d love to share it with you, as well! 

You can join my email list by clicking here and the template will be on it’s way asap! You’ll also be subscribed to my gardening newsletter, where I offer gardening tips and seasonal advice, straight to your inbox!

I create goodies like these templates, and my free garden planner pages, for my email subscribers. I appreciate their loyalty, and it’s one way I can show them how much I appreciate them!

Ideas For Using DIY Seed Envelopes

These custom seed packets are a great way to share seeds with friends and family, and make cute gifts. Some great ways to use them are:

  • Giving away your surplus of seeds to friends and family
  • Bringing to seed swaps or plant swaps as an item to trade
  • Baby shower favors
  • Wedding favors
  • Including in a greeting card
  • Prettying up your personal seed stash
Diy seed envelopes with marigold seeds
These pretty envelopes make great garden gifts!

Why seed saving is important

Saving seeds is a great way to be sure you have seeds for the following year. The cost to save your own seeds is free, and your favorite variety is guaranteed to be in stock. In addition, seed saving helps keep some heirloom seeds and rare varieties preserved for future generations.

It’s also a great way to cultivate seeds for plants that contain characteristics you like, such as fruit size, texture, or taste. Saving seeds from the best of the best every year will create more plants that are the best of the best, and so on.

To learn more about how to save your own seeds, check out this article from the University of Minnesota Extension or this one from the University of New Hampshire Extension.

Note – University extensions are a great place to find local growing info for your state, along with Master Gardener programs.

How to make a DIY seed envelope


To make the seed envelopes, download the blank seed packet template here and print it out. It’s available free to my gardening newsletter subscribers (you can sign up here and it will be delivered via an email link.)

I recommend printing it out on card stock, but regular printer paper works just fine, too.

Turn your paper over, so the pretty side is facing down.

Trace your template using a pen.

seed envelope template traced onto scrapbook paper
Trace your template on the wrong side of the paper

Cut the template out with sharp scissors.

Fold the tabs in along where each dotted line is on the template.

folded homemade seed envelope
Fold your tabs in on your seed envelope

Place a bit of double sided tape or glue on the side and bottom tabs and press them into place.

Once your envelope is folded and taped, it’s time to add your seeds!

Label the envelope with your seed type, and carefully place your seeds inside. The top flap can be sealed shut with a piece of tape.

Handmade seed envelopes with spinach, marigold, and zinnia seeds

To label my seed envelopes, I cut out paper using this 1-inch paper punch. I love this thing, and have used it for all kinds of DIY projects and it worked exceptionally well for these envelopes! I attached it to the envelopes with more double stick tape. 

These seed packet envelopes are so fun to share. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

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Happy Growing!

diy seed packet made from blue floral scrapbook paper

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DIY Seed Packet Template: FREE Printable To Make Your Own Seed Envelopes

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