Gloves, terracotta pots, seed starting pots and plants on a wooden workbench and words garden consultations and coaching
Terracotta pots, gardening gloves, hand pruners, a watering can, and various gardening supplies and plants on a wooden workbench

Garden Consultations and Garden Coaching

Have you been dreaming of a garden of your very own, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have a garden, but it’s tossed you some challenges and frustrations that you’re not sure how to overcome?

I have good news! I offer garden consultations and coaching packages, to help set you up for years of gardening success.

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My name is Liz Will and I’m a certified Master Gardener through MSU Extension and a Garden Consultant through Gardenary. You can read more about me here.

Garden Consultations

Consultations are approximately an hour long. These can be done in person, if you’re local to Troy, Michigan, or over the phone from anywhere in the contiguous US.

Consultations include:
  • Evaluating your current gardening space, along with your goals, experience, and time to invest gardening
  • Troubleshooting garden problems and frustrations
  • Q & A session, where you can ask garden-related questions
  • Custom, 3-step plan for achieving garden goals
  • Information about your local gardening zone and growing conditions

Garden Coaching

Our garden coaching sessions are our favorite way to help you grow as a gardener! During our sessions, we’ll work with you right where you are as a gardener, customizing each session to fit your goals, experience, and time.

During our coaching session, you’ll learn:
  • How to make the most of your climate and growing season
  • How to tend your garden using organic methods
  • How to feed your garden, and keep it happy and healthy
  • Organic pest & disease control
  • When to harvest fruits & vegetables
  • Light pruning tips
  • Seasonal gardening tasks (what to do and when)
  • Q & A time at the end of each session
  • And more!
  • A la carte pricing & packages available

To set up an appointment:

  • Call or text at 248-602-0881

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